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New expansions of the Harrisburg-based childcare company, U-GRO Learning Centres, set to open its doors in Elizabethtown, will provide real-world learning experiences to students and faculty through partnership.
Spread your wings and take a virtual flight through the future home of sports, fitness and well-being at E-town!
The greater Elizabethtown College community mourns the passing of Linda Lokey, who died Saturday, January 6.

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New Expansions Bring New Partnerships
Elizabethtown College will have the opportunity to expand its educational relationship with U-GRO Learning Centres when the Harrisburg-based childcare company opens its new facility in Elizabethtown. This newest center expands the lab-school learning environment in which E-town education students observe and teach in various U-GRO classrooms.
Elizabethtown College Mourns the Passing of Linda Lokey
The greater Elizabethtown College community mourns the passing of Linda Lokey, who died Saturday, January 6.
Elizabethtown College Featured in USA TODAY's 2017 Year in Review

On January 19, 2017, Elizabethtown College had the honor of hosting Lt. Jim Downing, age 103, the second oldest survivor of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. USA TODAY featured this memorable moment in their "Year in Review: One Amazing Photo From Each Day" listing of incredible photos and events from 2017. 

Manage Your Health in 2018
Did you miss enrolling in 2018 health benefits? Elizabethtown College alumni get special rates (through The Alumni Insurance Program) on various quality insurance programs for the whole family year-round. Get a quote and enroll today at

Being an Etown Blue Jay is an unspoken commitment to hard work, excellence, and passion for serving others.  It's a calling.  A purpose.  An understanding that you play a role in shaping the very fabric of our existence and contributions to society. 

- Billy Houder, Class of 2005

As a Blue Jay, I belong to a long tradition of success, not only with what the College has accomplished, but with what I and thousands of other graduates have accomplished.  To continue this legacy, I proudly give back to the college by volunteering in numerous ways. It is my hope that my actions will inspire current students, and other graduates to give back to the college in whatever way they can.

- Mick Pugliese, Class of 1977
It's really important to me to be able to give back to Elizabethtown for having given me so much; a quality education, the tools to serve others and knowledge to succeed. Giving back to the College has allowed me to further show my appreciation for the positive experience I had at the institution.
- Kristen Lacaillade, Class of 2013
I love coming home to E-town and remembering what drew me to it in the first place. Serving Thanksgiving Dinner to current students with my friends has been a tradition since we graduated. It's a truly awesome visual representation of how much the students, staff, faculty, and alumni are invested in the College.
- Kaitlin McCaffrey, Class of 2010