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    Diegel '10 Authors First Novel, "Red Night" Now Available

    In December, Alexander Diegel ‘10 announced the publication of his novel, Red Night.  A seasoned writer specializing in sports, this is Diegel’s first book.
    'Red Night' book cover - Diegel '10
    Red Night is a post-apocalyptic thriller,” said Diegel.  “For simplicity sake, I describe it as being in the zombie genre, but it’s a little more complex than that.  Either way, the story is much more about the survival aspect than the not-quite-human element.  My intent was to draw a picture of how extreme circumstances bring the best out of some people, and the worst in others.”

    Diegel has more than 200 freelance sports articles to his name.  He has also written countless blogs and support articles for his full-time job at the (since-acquired) ecommerce startup, Spree Commerce.  Up until the publication of his novel, he considered breaking the news for ESPN on America’s first professional rugby league, PRO Rugby, his greatest writing accomplishment.

    “Personally, I’d pretty much always written about sports.  A novel was a completely different challenge,” explained Diegel.  “It sounds corny, but the idea honestly came to me in a dream; I’d find myself battling zombies night after night.  Around the same time, I’d made a New Year’s resolution to finish one of the many “books” I’d started which had turned out to be just unpublished short stories.  So I put two and two together, and on New Year’s 2011, Red Night was born.”

    About Red Night:

    Aidan Michaels shakes a dream from his head, and continues to work like any other day.  But he soon learns this day is far from any other, and he'll have to fight if he wants to survive much longer ...

    Red Night is a story of survival, camaraderie, and humanity.  Join Michaels and his friends as they battle human and non-human enemies alike in their never-ending quest for salvation.

    For purchasing information, visit the Red Night website.

    About Alexander Diegel '10:

    Alexander earned a bachelor's degree in Communications from Elizabethtown College and is currently a marketing professional, freelance writer and rugby player.  Red Night is his first novel.  He considers breaking the news for ESPN about America’s first professional rugby league — PRO Rugby — to be his greatest professional accomplishment to date.  Alexander lives in Silver Spring, Md. with his wife and dog.

    You can follow Alexander on Twitter @alexanderdiegel or learn more about him on his website,

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